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This is the official page for Standing in the Stars.  A Documentary currently in production that was originally funded through a KickStarter campaign that ended on Sept 14, 2013.

Our Kickstarter Campaign

What It's About?

When someone passes Peter Mayhew on the street, they do a double-take. It could be because he stands a head taller than the crowd at 7’3”, or it could be because they recognize him as the man behind the mask of Chewbacca in the Star Wars films. Peter was born with a condition called Giantism, which brought him both his astounding size and his famous role, but carries with it some serious health concerns.

Over the years, it has become more and more difficult for Peter to stand upright and walk, requiring the use of a cane or a wheelchair.  He and his family are determined to get him back on his own two feet.  His doctors came up with a solution: an intense series of surgeries that would replace his knees and give him the potential to walk unassisted.

Filming Schedule

  We will be following Peter to his last convention before the surgery, interviewing him and other celebrities from the star wars universe and the convention circuit.  You'll get a peek into his life and struggles at home as a giant.  We'll be interviewing his doctors and the engineers behind his prosthetic knees that have been specially constructed for him.

Then, you'll follow Peter through the day of his 4 surgeries. During that single day they will be replacing the top and bottom of both knees. They will also be cutting through his tendons to lengthen them and allow him to straighten his legs and lock his knees.

After the surgery we will follow Peter through the two months of intense rehabilitation and recovery. Then with his friends, family and fans present we will celebrate as we get to see Peter stand and walk on his own at his full height.

Why we're doing this?

Peter wants to share this, his most difficult battle yet, with his friends, fans, and family. Our goal is to be able to film an account of the struggles and successes Peter faces on his path to recovery, and to help his many fans learn more about what he goes through every day.

Your support, along with the love of his friends and family, is what is giving him the drive to reclaim his mobility. This documentary will also give its audience a chance to learn what Peter’s life was like growing up as a Giant in England. It will tell story of his giantism and how it has affected his career and life to this point. He and his family are very excited for this opportunity, and Peter is opening up the wookiee vaults (his private collection) and signing special memorabilia solely to support the project. We hope that you’ll show your support for our project and for a man with a giant body and an even bigger heart.

What Now?

We have now seen a truly great man pursue a goal, and rise to meet it's challenges, but the journey is still far from over. Now it's time to make sure we share it with the world! We've reached our first stretch goal. With that money we'll be able to bring Peter's journey to you. This is enough to get us started, and we would like to do better than that! 

 As filmmakers we're not satisfied with just stopping there. As storytellers we want to bring you closer to the real story of our favorite giant. With additional funds, we'll be able to interview important people who've played a big part in supporting Peter and motivating him in this journey, and we'll be able to dig deeper into Peter's life and story. Conducting interviews and traveling to various conventions/locations and really fleshing out the story, well, that will cost money.

For the next few months we'll be filming his recovery and the first few shows he attends after surgery.  During this time we'll be continuing to distribute the digtal copies of the documentary, DVD's, and a few of the exclusive Standing in the Stars pieces on this site to help support the documentary and the family through the recovery.

As far as the documentary is confirmed, the devil is in the details -- technical needs of the process including sound, original sound track, titling, editing, color correcting, etc... The bottom line is that, the higher the quality of documentary we make, the further we can take it. If we raise enough, we can even look into international film festivals/appearances in addition to major network distribution, more celebrity interviews, and more added content. 

That's what we want to do, make the best product that we can. We don't want to just bring this to you. With Peter standing tall the world will stop and take notice. Please keep in mind that not only are you getting something for your contribution, but you're become a part of the Chewbacker team too! Thank you from all of us who support Peter and this new journey that we will take together. Help us to share this event and documentary with the world and bring both Chewbacca & Peter Mayhew, back into the hearts of people the world over.

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